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Briefcases & Slim Briefs

  • Mission Briefcase (PRO300) Quick View

    Mission Briefcase (PRO300)

  • Focus Briefcase (UBN300) Quick View

    Focus Briefcase (UBN300)

    Regular Price: $54.99

    Special Price: $38.49

  • Paramount Smart Strap Briefcase (SGB300) Quick View

    Paramount Smart Strap Briefcase (SGB300)

  • Empire Briefcase (CLA314) Quick View

    Empire Briefcase (CLA314)

  • Pro 15.6" Slim Brief (CLA103) Quick View

    Pro 15.6" Slim Brief (CLA103)

  • Flatiron 14.1" Slim Brief (CLA112) Quick View

    Flatiron 14.1" Slim Brief (CLA112)

  • Flatiron 16" Slim Brief (CLA116) Quick View

    Flatiron 16" Slim Brief (CLA116)

  • Harrison Triple Compartment Briefcase (CLS346) Quick View

    Harrison Triple Compartment Briefcase (CLS346)

  • Rockefeller Slim Brief (P15) Quick View

    Rockefeller Slim Brief (P15)

  • Soar Slim Brief (TCC104) Quick View

    Soar Slim Brief (TCC104)

  • Urban 17.3" Slim Brief (VTR124) Quick View

    Urban 17.3" Slim Brief (VTR124)


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